Monitoring Your Vehicles


For some of us, when we go to work each morning we leave at the same time, stop at the same coffee shop, drive the same route to work and arrive at roughly the same time every day.

Having a routine like this makes it easy for companies to figure out how long it will take to get from “A” to “B”, the fuel costs associated with going from “A” to “B” and where a company vehicle is likely to be.

But what happens when routes aren’t the same every day or employees have to travel into the middle of nowhere by themselves?

These variances ultimately lead to unpredictable costs. On top of that, they can be risking the safety of your employees.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone to monitor valuable assets to ensure everything was going as planned and your workers were safe? 

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Signs You should consider GPS Monitoring

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  • You have employees on the road in your vehicles and want to make sure they are safe
  • You are interested in finding ways to save on operational costs, such as fuel
  • You are interested in increasing the efficiency of your drivers and the routes they travel – i.e., reducing fuel costs by limiting speeding and idling
  • You want to improve your emergency response procedure and response time

How to be sure your employees are driving safe

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Our team of customer service representatives are dedicated to tracking your business’s vehicles, 24/7, with real-time GPS monitoring services (several types available). Through this service we can ensure your employees can access assistance at all times, respond quickly to any incidents, see where your vehicles are at all times and provide trip data which may help you business save money and improve efficiency.

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  • Provide service 24/7/365 days a year
  • Provide communication with employees via GPS device, phone, text, e-mail or smartphone app
  • Quickly facilitate appropriate action to situations, accidents or emergencies, with specific location information
  • Monitor dangerous driving habits such as speeding, excessive idling or unauthorized usage
  • Monitor hours of work, overtime and time off
  • Provide reports via e-mail, fax or print
  • Provide voice logged call records
  • Provide per-minute billing – If we’re not working, we’re not billing you
  • Manage your business’s fleet, their journeys and safety  
  • And much more...