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Did you know that the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety recommends a check-in procedure for all employees working alone or in high risk activities? The CCOHS says that "A person is "alone" at work when they are on their own; when they cannot be seen or heard by another person; and when they cannot expect a visit from another worker." This can include realtors, taxi drivers, social service employees, security guards, oilfield workers and employees in a multitude of other industries.

Intercon Messaging recognizes the risks employees may encounter on a daily basis and has over a decade of experience getting people home safely. Our Client Care Team works with you and your employees to develop an effective and reliable employee safety program which respects the daily process of your employees while providing them with work alone safety monitoring 24/7/365.

Our team of educated customer service representatives are here to provide you safety, reliability and peace of mind for you and your employees. 

 Your Customized Solution can Include:

  • Reliable check-in and check-out procedures
  • Emergency response escalation
  • Customer service representatives are H2S certified
  • Voice logged call-out records
  • Real time rotation / shift scheduler
  • 2-way radio communication
  • Mapping tools to quickly identify location 
  • Check-in and check-out tracking reports
  • Message summary reports by e-mail, fax or print
  • No contracts required

This Service Might be Used for:

  • Customer service representative assisted work alone
  • Automated work alone
  • GPS Monitoring & tracking
  • Flight Watch
  • Life Line Monitoring



construction worker standing by a track hoe, dialing a number on his phone.
pipeline maintenance personnel at work.


We are here to help customize a plan that's right for you.  If you'd like to find out more about Intercon Messaging and how we can assist you, please fill out the "Request a Quote" form and we'll get back to you you ASAP. 

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