Fast Response Time for Emergency Situations


Whether it’s a gas leak, a break in a water main, or a car accident while leaving a job site, these situations need to be reported and acted upon as soon as possible, and they never seem to happen at the right time – often after hours. Paying someone in-house to do this after hours can be costly or relying on a staff member may mean they miss an important call.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a professional team trained in emergency response could be monitoring your business for emergencies for a fraction of the cost? That way, should a problem occur, a call to the right emergency contact will be made to get the help you need when you need it.

Having access to an Emergency Response Monitoring System means every emergency is monitored, assessed, and responded to by a trained customer service representative 24/7/365.

Intercon Messaging’s team can quickly assess the level of emergency and contact the right emergency service, ensuring the safety of your employees and the surrounding public, and will only contact on-call staff when they need to be.

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Emergency Situations
could Include

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  • Alarm or break-in at a facility
  • A fire or flood at a facility
  • An oil or gas leak on a pipeline
  • A natural disaster
  • A workplace incident
  • A wildfire
  • A water main break for a municipality
  • Staff in a vehicle incident in the middle of nowhere
  • Point Of Sale (POS) machine malfunction
  • Panic alarm activation
  • And so many more…

Signs You should Implement Emergency Response Monitoring

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  • There is the possibility of danger to your employees and the public
  • There is the possibility of leaks or spills
  • There is the possibility of fire or flood
  • There is a possibility for an accident
  • You would like to minimize any incidents
  • You care about your business’s reputation
  • You need quick response to incidents
  • You want to reduce “down time” due to incidents
  • You have employees who work odd hours
  • You want to comply with the most recent OH&S safety guidelines

How to be sure EMERGENCIES are handled quickly and correctly

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Our customrer service representatives are trained to be responsive to any emergency situation and are able to handle all types of emergencies, such as, fire, leaks, spills, equipment malfunction, accidents, etc... We will determine the level of action required and handle the situation quickly and according to your business’s specific instructions for the emergency.

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  • Provide service 24/7/365 days a year
  • Communicate via call, text, GPS devices, email and 2-way radio.
  • Provide voice-logged call records to facilitate post-emergency analysis and reporting
  • Use mapping tools to pinpoint location(s) with accuracy
  • Use digital mapping tools to identify the nearest employees to an incident site
  • Assist with any type of incident or emergency
  • Our staff are First Aid & H2S certified
  • Provide incident summary reports
  • Provide per-minute billing – If we’re not working, we’re not billing you
  • Provide oilfield emergency response & dispatch
  • Provide elevator emergency contact
  • Provide employee life line monitoring
  • And much more...