A behind the scenes look at call answering

What happens when my phone is forwarded to Intercon Messaging?

All of your calls will be answered promptly and politely. Thanks to our state of the art phone system (more about that in a minute) our agents will know whose line it is that they’re answering before they respond, so there’ll be no awkwardness or confusion. Often the callers we deal with are not even aware that they aren’t speaking directly with one of your staff. 

What happens next is really up to you. We can simply take a message and pass it on to you, or we can do considerably more. You’ll save a lot of time and frustration for your callers if you have us answer a range of the kind of general questions that come up with your business, regarding things like your availability or hours of operation. Take it a step further and we can even book meetings or appointments on your behalf. Our team will work with you to customize a solution that best meets your needs.

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Who answers the phone?

Our agents are as diverse a group of people as you can imagine, but they do have certain things in common. They are all service oriented and naturally outgoing. They all have excellent communication skills and know how to listen as well as how to speak. And they’re all quick learners who are able to adapt to the variety of needs of the callers they deal with and to think on their feet when necessary.

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What kind of equipment do you use?

We’ve put a lot of time an effort into assembling the best selection of technology to serve our clients, and we constantly keep an eye out for the latest developments. Currently we operate on a fully integrated computerized telephone system, backed up with call management software that’s the best on the market. For more specific details check out the link to EQUIPMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE on our website.

Added to that we now have our own dedicated SMS (Short Message Service) server. That means you can be sure that your messages get through with no delays, no hold ups and no blackouts. 

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What happens when something goes wrong?

We trust our technology, and it’s important to us that our clients do too.  That’s why we have backups and built in redundancies in place for all of the critical parts of our operation. In addition to that we have active support and maintenance contracts with all of our major suppliers of both software and hardware. 

No electricity? No problem. In the event that the power goes out we have a backup generator which runs on natural gas. Our generator is capable of powering our operations almost indefinitely. That means no matter what happens, our operations will continue as normal.

Do I need to change my phone number to use your service?

Absolutely not. You can simply forward your calls to us from your existing number. You can even set things up so Intercon receives your calls if you don’t pick up after a certain number of rings. That way you can be confident your phone is always answered regardless of whether or not you’re personally available. 

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How will I get my messages? 

We can communicate with you by phone, by text, by email, by two way radio or by fax; the choice is up to you. We can also provide you with detailed reports which break down the number of calls you’ve received, the time they came in and the action that was taken, so you’ll never be left wondering.

Couldn’t I just use voicemail?

Of course you could. However bear in mind that numerous studies have shown that, even in 2018, some people just do not like talking to a machine. And there’s a load of other advantages to having a real person answer your phone. Here are just a few.  

There’s better service for your caller. We can answer a raft of those basic questions on your behalf, with no need for the wait for a call to be returned. 

There’s no danger of a hang up, a missed call or a garbled message. 

A live agent can ask questions to make sure you have all the information you need without a follow up call. 

Your operation will look more polished and more professional if your phone is always answered in person. 

It’s a long list and we could go on, but you get the point. Voicemail can be a very useful tool, but it does a poor job serving as the first point of contact for your business. 

Do I need to sign a contract?

No you do not. Once you’ve begun working with us it’s completely up to you to decide when and how often you use our services. And if your phone doesn’t ring there’s no cost to you. You’ll only be charged for the calls we answer.

What are your hours of operation?

We operate 24 hours a day every day of the year including all statutory holidays. That means with us on board, you’ll always be open for business.  

How do I get things started?

If you’re ready to find out how Intercon Messaging can work with you to meet the needs of your business and your customers give us a call at 866-605-2558 or click on the link below.

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