I Want To Talk To Your Supervisor

I Want To Talk To Your Supervisor

                “I want to talk to your Supervisor”, this phrase said in a not so very pleasant manner is an indication that you have an unhappy customer on the other line that is probably calling about a service provided to him/her that he/she is not satisfied with. It can also be an experience with a previous Customer Service Representative that he/she is going to complain about. It can be anything. But one thing is for sure - that the customer is not happy. In this blog post, I have listed some of what I believe are the best tips in handling irate callers.

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Going the Extra Mile

Throw in something extra; it can go a long way to securing long term customers.

The something extra doesn't mean you have to give anything away for free. It could be a smile, a handwritten note thanking your client or even a tip on how to avoid a problem you are solving. Going the extra mile or giving the extra little bit to exceed expectations is a great way to improve customer service and customers love it!

Stay tuned for more customer service tips from Intercon Messaging!