Intercon Messaging works to stay on the forefront of what's current in technology, while offering our clients flexibility, fast response time, and dependability. Here are the reasons to choose our company for all your remote monitoring and call answering needs:

1. Financial Flexibility

Deciding how to manage your customer’s calls is an important choice for any company. On one hand, automated answering programs may be inexpensive, but they turn the potential customer away without any chance of building a relationship. On the other hand, a 24/7 in-house customer service department requires multiple full-time employees as well as additional office space. With Intercon Messaging, you will have access to our superior and cost-effective answering and monitoring services, which are backed by friendly and professional Agents. Everything you need to keep your customer engaged and informed 24/7/365. 

2. Pay Per Minute

Intercon only charges you by the minute. This can save you a sizable amount of money over time. On top of the per-minute billing, there are no contracts required.  Outsourcing to Intercon Messaging’s team of expert Customer Service Representatives will give you flexibility with your company finances, allowing you to focus on the growth and success of your organization. Intercon Messaging will be with you every step of the way!

When we found Intercon it seemed like a win-win situation. We felt that outsourcing our phone system we could keep costs down. Plus, we did not have a great phone system, while Intercon already had very advanced system. We felt that we could leverage their staff and technology to set up for 24/7 monitoring and then we didn’t have to pay salaries or set aside office space.
— Corie McDuff, Manager of Customer support at GeoTrac

3. Adaptability

There are a number of industries that can benefit from our monitoring and answering services. Whether it be oil and gas companies, municipalities, legal firms, small businesses, real estate companies, electricians, or plumbers, we have learned that each type of business has different needs to be filled. We will always adapt to your needs – all of the solutions we offer are completely customizable. 

After a while, it just It didn’t make sense to have one person answering every call. We decided to bring on a service that could screen calls, only put through the urgent ones to the on-call team and email the rest to us if they were not urgent. We are happy with what Intercon has to offer and they are a great fit for our operations. An answering service makes a lot a sense when you are a smaller company. It saves money and some sanity!
— Mack Erno, ATM Services.

4. Response Time

The gears of an organization are constantly in motion and there are many aspects of a business that can change over time. Intercon Messaging welcomes change with open arms. We listen to any and all requests and act on them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Quick response time is also an invaluable asset during an emergency. Intercon Messaging’s expert Agents evaluate and respond to emergency situations as quickly as possible. This means every member of our team is always on their toes and ready for action.

Intercon is always quick to respond and always on top of things. If there is a change in our schedule or process, they have it updated ASAP. They have fantastic record keeping, if you ask for a specific data, transcriptions or reports, they will pull it up for you right away.
— Karen Haskell, Unlimited Production

5. We're An Extension of Your Team

We are truly proud to be a part of all of our client’s businesses. Right from initial implementation, each one of our Agents sets out to become a valuable part of your team. We know that successful integration is the key to efficient workflow and positive collaboration between Intercon Messaging and your business. Intercon Messaging is devoted to helping you achieve your goals, most importantly, providing the best possible service for you and your customers.

We have a great relationship with Intercon and we really see them as an extension of our team. If we ask them any questions or require any changes, they respond quickly and we feel like our input is always valued. Intercon always manages to make us feel like we are a top priority and they are always willing to handle thing from a different angle if needed.
— Corie McDuff, Manager of Customer support at GeoTrac.

6. Professionalism

While we truly see each other as a tightly knit family at Intercon Messaging, all of us understand the importance of professionalism. All of our Agents are trained to answers calls and treat clients with the utmost respect and professional courtesy. We have real people on the other end of each phone call for a reason – their personal touch. If a customer’s call is missed, rather than running into an automated message or answering machine, they will reach any one of our professional and friendly staff to take care of them. We encourage each staff member to build a solid rapport with each one of your customers. 

Intercon Messaging has been a God send for us and our dealings with them have been great. Any issues have been addressed immediately and the line of communication we have with them is fantastic. If we ask for a change, they respond with, ‘this is what we have done to address the situation, please let us know if this solves the issue.’ It is great! If you want a professional answering service for your company, Intercon is it.
— Carla Callihoo, Municipality in Alberta

7. Reporting

In order to keep your business informed and knowledgeable on our processes and effectiveness, Intercon Messaging can provide you with periodic reports that are clear, concise, and consistent. Our reports can include call summaries, live chat transcriptions, the number of chats or calls taken, the average number of calls or chats per day, the average response time, the average length of your calls or chats and many more analytics that make up the entirety of the customer experience.

We know that when working with other companies we have a responsibility to support two separate clients – you and your customers. Because of this, we strive to stay diligent on our detailed reports in order to help you with proper follow-up with your clients, and to provide you with documentation of every call made in case you need to call upon it in the future or use it for future business planning.


8. State of the Art Technology

Our facility uses state of the art technology to allow communication from your clients in a variety of ways.  This is why we provide call response and messaging, not only by phone call, but via text messages, email, and live chat as well. The more streams of communication we can give you, the better we feel we can serve your needs.

  • Website Live Chat: Our customized “Live Chat” service accommodates the customer with efficiency and ease, and helps our team as well! With Live Chat, an Agent can monitor 10 times more chats than phone calls, making them available to help more of your customers.

  • Text Messaging: We have our own in-house text messaging (SMS) server allowing us to send you a text message and you can reply directly to us!

  • Email: To ensure we don’t miss a single email you send us, we have two separate email servers in different geographic locations!

  • GPS Monitoring: Our GPS monitoring services will help ensure your crew’s safety and monitor assets like company vehicles and expensive equipment.

  • Equipment and Infrastructure: Keeping our state of the art technology updated and consistently operational requires routine maintenance and support. Intercon Messaging ensures support contracts are active 24/7 with all of our major software and hardware suppliers to minimize any downtime.



We are here to help customize a plan that's right for you.  If you'd like to find out more about Intercon Messaging and how we can assist you, please fill out the "Request a Quote" form and we'll get back to you you ASAP. 

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