Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Businesses of all sized face an increasingly competitive marketplace, where customer satisfaction drives success. Customers now expect 24/7 contact whether by phone, email, social media or live chat.

Do you spend too much of your working day booking appointments, answering phone calls or keeping your calendar up to date? That's time that could be better spent working for clients and growing your business.

Intercon Messaging can take the worry out of day-to-day business management by expertly managing the administrative tasks for you. To get a personalized customer service solution that you can count on; call Intercon Messaging and find out how we can assist your customer whilst helping you protect your business's bottom line.

Virtual Receptionist

When customers are in a hurry for information about a product, they often hang up if they reach a complicated answering tree or an answering machine. Whether your business warrants a full-time receptionist or you just need assistance with overflow or after hours calls, Intercon Messaging’s agents can step in to provide professional receptionist duties. Rather than paying the overhead or adding the worry of managing additional staff, a virtual receptionist is a flexible and productive solution to your staffing needs.

When we found Intercon it seemed like a win-win situation. We felt that outsourcing our phone system we could keep costs down. Plus, we did not have a great phone system, while Intercon already had very advanced system. We felt that we could leverage their staff and technology to set up for 24/7 monitoring and then we didn’t have to pay salaries or set aside office space.
— Corie McDuff, Manager of Customer support at GeoTrac

Appointments/Appointment Reminders

To keep up with deadline driven and often very tight schedules, our agents can stay on top of your day: booking your appointments and sending you reminders to keep you on schedule. We can also assist your clients, too, with reminder appointment calls or other services tailored to your business needs.

Website Live Chat

Website live chat greatly improves response times and customer satisfaction to give you the edge over your competition. Customers are most likely to stop the online sales process if they run into difficulty and cannot speak to a sales or support person straight away. Intercon Messaging’s agents give real-time answers, lower customer wait times and improve the overall customer experience.

Work Alone Monitoring

When you are working alone or sending a staff member out on a call alone, work alone monitoring can increase safety and reduce your liability. Our experienced customer service agents will ensure that your check-in procedures are followed so that your employees work safely.


We are here to help customize a plan that's right for you.  If you'd like to find out more about Intercon Messaging and how we can assist you, please fill out the "Request a Quote" form and we'll get back to you you ASAP. 

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