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One of your primary concerns when choosing an answering service is going to be your customers. At Intercon Messaging we recognize the importance of a seamless after-hours service. Our Customer Service Representatives (CSR's) receive comprehensive training and specific corporate knowledge so that they become an extension of your business. From the initial answer phrase right up to the call close, we will incorporate the latest programming processes into your setup. We will focus on your business style, clientele, employees and much more to ensure the service we provide is a perfect fit for your company.

When it comes to customer service, Intercon Messaging can give you a huge advantage. As a CAM-X member (Canadian Call Management Association) we are always held to the highest standard. See Our Awards & Recognition page for more information on our industry awards.

Did you know that you can hire an entire award-winning team through Intercon Messaging for a fraction of what you would pay for just one in-office receptionist? Also, with one in-office receptionist there is still the problem of evenings, weekends and holidays when there is no one to manage the business. The truth is many people don't like leaving a voicemail and will take their business elsewhere. Intercon Messaging's Customer Service Representatives are available 24/7/365 so you can rest easy knowing that your business is in safe hands when you are away from your phone. 

You can choose the way Intercon Messaging works for you; we can record the callers contact information, take orders, schedule appointments and screen calls before transferring to you. We can even chat in real time with visitors to your website! Intercon Messaging has account specialists on hand to listen to your needs and help you design a solution that maximizes your chances of success.Your business will always appear professional, friendly and enthusiastic, which means more engaged customers and more converted business for you.

It also makes good business sense to be concerned about your greatest assets – your employees! Your staff will have a direct line to your account, and can contact us any time day or night; maybe for the contact information of a client that they have misplaced or to be put through to another department. We treat your employees as well as we treat our own.

There are no contracts and no commitment

Would you like to unlock time that you never knew you had? We can give you that plus the peace of mind you need to enjoy that new found time! What do you have to lose? Try a customized solution from Intercon Messaging today!