The person next to you … (flashback part 2)

This is a poem I found hidden away in my employee folder. I honestly don’t remember when I received this or even reading it! However I am glad that I was able to “re-discover” it. It is a bit long, but I hope you still enjoy it.


Look Around You, Who Is the Person Sitting Next To You?
                                                                                      -Author Unknown

Look around you…
Who is the person sitting next to you?

The person next to you…
is one of the greatest miracles you will ever meet at this moment
- and the greatest mysteries.

The person next to you …
is an inexhaustible reservoir of possibility
with possibilities which have been only partially realized.

The person next to you…
is a unique universe of experience
seething with necessity and possibility
dread and desire, smiles and frowns
laughter and tears, fears and hopes
- all struggling to find expression

The person next to you…
…is surging to become something,
…to arrive at some destination,
…to have a story and a song,
…to be known and to know

The person next to you…
…believes in something…something precious
…stands for something
…counts for something
…lives for something
…labors for something
…waits for something
…runs toward something

The person next to you…
…is more than any description
…is more than any explanation
…is more, much, much more.

The person next to you…
is searching…
…for meaning
…for inner-peace
…for self-esteem
…for something they already have - they just have to realize that

The person next to you…
has problems and fears, just like you
…wonders how he or she is doing
…is often undecided, disorganized and painfully close to chaos
- but endowed with great toughness in the face of adversity, able to survive the most unbelievable difficulties and challenges.

The person next to you…
…has something he or she can do well
…something she or he can do better than anyone else in the whole world
…has strengths they do not even recognize
…needs to talk to you about those abilities
…needs you to listen
…but do they dare speak them to you?

The person next to you...
…needs a friend
…wants to be a friend
…can comfort you
…can care for you
…can understand you
…and love you.

Isn’t that what you want?
It’s what they want.

The person next to you…
is a special human being
…and so are you!

You will want to get to know this person!


I think this is a great reminder that people are a combination of the experiences and of the people they have met in their lifetimes. You never know what great things you may uncover with each person you interact with!

A Three Year Olds Wisdom

A few days ago my nephew, a wise 3 year old had gone to his school orientation.  Jaxen was starting play school for a couple hours a day, two days a week.  His report from the orientation was specific, he told me that when he got on the school bus to go to school he was not going to cry.  How brave of Jaxen! 

  Think of something along your journey that may lie ahead. How do you for see that occurring? Is it positive excitement or are you worried and stressed.  Now think of something your currently faced with or recently were faced with.  What were your thoughts surrounding that instance and how did it play out?  

  As they say hindsight is always 20-20, meaning when looking back on life it usually makes sense.  What about for-sight . . . whats the optic expression for that?  Solution thinking, thinking from the end . . . perhaps for sight is 20-20? 

Having a 20-20 vision on life doesn’t always mean seeing the past, and understanding why things played out as they did. What about seeing the future?  What about thinking from the end of the situation?  Thinking from the end is like goal setting mixed with positive thinking rolled in a ball of visualizing.  The more we can practice this the more we can create the life we desire.  

Whether you be faced with a problem at home, or you aspire to travel abroad, imagine the outcome you desire.  What would be in your mind the perfect result to the situation? Or what will it feel like and look like when you travel to the place you desire to go?  The positive thinking that transpires out of this, and the solution oriented thoughts will create that bridge that will take you where you there.  It is very amazing, I can attest to this with numerous examples in my life.  

As for my nephew Jaxen, not only is he not going to cry when he gets on the school bus, but he doesn’t take a school bus for another couple years until he is in grade one.  As I said, the WISE (and much emphasis on the wise) three year old is thinking from the end.  The first few years of play school and kindergarden are going to be a breeze, because he is already creating that bridge over the any potential problems when his Mom leaves him at play school!!  Jaxen is preparing for first grade and the school bus.  Who knows maybe when grade one comes he will have a university chosen!!!