You know you're a Valley Girl when... (flashback part 1)

The other day, my computer was down for a few hours to do some upgrades and I found myself rather lost! So I figured it was time to start cleaning up my personal employee folder on the network. After a few minutes, I decided that I need to do this more often! Not because there was tons of junk in it, but some of the old documents brought back a flood of fantastic memories!

One of the first documents I found was from our Christmas party in 2007. Gloria Tonne and I made mini posters and hung them up all around the lounge. They are a collection of memories from around the office, meetings, conferences, health and wellness trips and group get-togethers. Each memory begins with the phrase “You know you’re a Valley Girl when….” So I thought I’d share a few of our old memories (we had close to 80 originally) before I start working on making a new list!

You know you’re a Valley Girl when…

…when you run on “Valcom time”

…when you know what “Valcom” is

…you answer to: a. Crazy Canadian

                            b. One of Pat’s girls

                            c. Valley Girl

…you’ve been inside the Pink Room

 …you have been hot-tubbing with you’re co-workers

…you have worn the birthday sombrero or the foam cowboy hat

…your luggage gets lost before leaving the airport

…it’s not about the destination, it’s about the trip!

…hanging ‘unusual’ objects to your car antenna or roof rack is a pre-requisite for a good team-building experience

…you buy a second-hand pizza from a random stranger for $20

…when you wear scarves, toques, ascots, robes and your co-workers name tag to the hotel sauna, just for the reaction

…coffee is FREEDOM in a cup!

…you are the first to volunteer for examples in seminars

…you make or create your own hats and accessories

…you know what “Road Gold” is

…you put everyone else to bed!

…when you travel in packs and everyone drives their own vehicle wherever you are going

…April Fools ’05 is still on your short list of best pranks ever!

…when you have slept on the grey couch

…you work hard – but play harder!

…you remember Hypno-Marty

…you’ve taken your mom to Mama-Mia!

…you have called a hotel, tow truck, ambulance, realtor, vet and tribal council within the last 15min

…you are on a first name basis with STARS dispatch

…you understand what it means to take ownership

…you know what your stand, stoop, and definition of success is!

…the PIT will always be the PIT (it’s said with fondness!)

…you’ve taken 4 time management courses and still can’t find the time to use it!

…you secretly hope that Troy’s famous perogies will be at the potluck

…you’ve received a tear-jerker card from KV right at the perfect time

…you’ve been surrounded by RCMP officers on your way into the building and have to put your arms up and say “I just work here!”

…you’ve given yourself your job title and written your own job description

…you thrive in emergencies

…you have been volunteered to help people you don’t know, to do things you’ve never done before

…you NEVER sit at the same table with the same people twice

…you have gone to the Russian Tea House

…you’ve toured hotels just because you can

…you know who Wayne, Doreen, Helen and Floyd are

…you know who “He who must not be named” really is

…after your shift you still hear phones, radios and alarms everywhere you go

…Do. Dump. Delegate

…you know what Mumu night was and wish you had been there.


I hope at least of few of these have brought a smile to your face today...they make me smile everytime I read them.!


We do not remember days; we remember moments. - Cesare Pavese


Happy Holidays 2012

Thank you for 15 years!   October 1996 to October 2011


Thank you for your trust in our ability to be a part of your business  

Thank you for your loyalty

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for growing with us

Thank you for learning with us

Thank you for your willingness to share knowledge

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you for our ongoing relationship

Thank you for your commitment

Thank you for consistently paying us in a timely fashion

Thank you for supporting us as we continually strive to deliver top notch service

Thank you for helping us create new solutions that are mutually beneficial

Thank you for your forgiveness when our service does not meet our expectations or yours

Thank you for being our committed partners

Thank you for your entertaining stories

Thank you for being our friends


Here’s to 15 more years!


Happy Holidays from the crew at Intercon Messaging!

Thankful for...

Every night when I lay down to sleep I say Thank You.  Thank you to each and every member of my dedicated, loyal and do the best they know how staff.  I get to go to bed at night because they are working, so I do not have to.  For that I will be forever thankful and I remind myself every night that I get to sleep because of their commitment and dedication.

On October 1, 2011 we continue into our 16th year in business.  Many times in the past 15 years I’ve had to stop and remember all the things I am grateful for as a business owner.  The odd time when the going became a struggle the only way to keep on keeping on was to sit down and find several things to be thankful for.  My most vivid memory of this was the time I reflected deeply enough to realize I had time freedom!  WOW, “Time Freedom”.  Today I often remind myself and our leadership team that the beauty of working in a 24/7/365 operation is that we can have a day off during the week, we can switch a shift at the last minute, we can work lots of days in 3 weeks and have a week off without losing any holiday time, we can make a hair appointment or doctor’s appointment without taking time off…Time Freedom!  Recently I’ve entered two fundraising golf tournaments!!!   

During another period of reflection about all the things I was grateful for as a business owner; I appreciated all the requests we get for help.  Often I am unaware of the multitude of amazing projects and events that the many volunteers of our community are either building or contributing toward to make our community the outstanding place it is to live, work and play!  It is indeed a privilege as a business owner to have the opportunity to contribute.

Years have passed … an entry from my gratitude journal… August 7, 1998: “Great employees who care and try hard.”  September 26, 1998: “Grateful for the opportunity to attend the CAM-X convention; Grateful for employees that cover for you in a crunch.”  October 30, 2002: “Laid my van on its side this morning on the way to work…grateful for Cheryl who covered at the office because I would be late getting to work, grateful I was not hurt and that only 2 drops of my coffee jumped out of my cup onto the ceiling of the vanJ.  Grateful for Ron from Canadian Forest who stopped and asked if I was ok, then waited for Stovey and Teddy who came, and they all got me out, then pulled my van back on its wheels.  Grateful for laughs with my friends when Lorna asked if I would need a really big and long sign to cover the whole side of the van as Drayton Valley was just preparing to host the Scotties, and we planned to use the van to transport a team for the week.” January 12, 2004:  “Grateful for Sheena and my staff.”  4:32 pm June 9, 2009: “Today I am thankful to Bruce Clemmer for donating to Serenity House; my dad was issued a bed there today. Thank you.”

For me when I hit the wall; I sit down and write in my gratitude journal or simply reflect on several things I am thankful for.  I climb over the wall or go around and move on.