Doing Whatever it Takes

I just finished reading John Izzo Ph.D.’s new book “Stepping Up; How Taking Personal Responsibility Changes Everything”.  WOW!!!  Great stuff. 

As a graduate of 21st Century Leadership the idea of “Stepping Up” is not new to me.  In fact I live a privileged life and have had the opportunity to participate in 21st Century Leadership 4 times.  Slow learner yes - but this is the stuff that contributes to emotional intelligence (EQ).  EQ is learned at a different place in the brain and requires fundamentally changing your behavior.  We all know how easy that is, so repeating 21st Century leadership 3 times gave me the opportunity to keep “Stepping Up”, to keep practicing “Ownership” or “Stepping Up” language (I, we). 

In my office we call it ratcheting it up, notching it up, or the opportunity to take your performance to the next level.  It is a continual never-ending opportunity to live your life at your highest level.  With a little feedback and encouragement from my friends, I strive to keep raising the bar in our workplace.

When we first start working, we get paid by the hour…or if like me you grew up on the farm, you had to work to live. You had to haul and chop wood to keep warm, haul and melt snow so you could drink (bathing was optional) and grow a garden so you could eat.  Regardless, my first job away from home was wiping tables in the residence where I lived.  I got paid by the hour.  Soon I got paid a salary, then salary + bonus. Unbeknownst to me at the time I had a built-in mindset that I would do whatever it took to get the job done.  This might have been the result of growing up on the farm or the guidance of my Grandmother who was a rural doctor in Alberta. She taught me many of my first business lessons.  The point is hourly pay soon turned into “do what it takes to get the job done” pay!

Having the mindset I would do whatever it took to get the job done helped me get a bigger pay check and that certainly helped to increase my savings.  I already knew about pay myself first, so was well on my way to having a nest egg built up.  The “Do Whatever it Takes Mindset”, or as John calls it the “Stepping Up” behavior, I grew up with was certainly instrumental in helping us buy our business in 1996. 

Today with the help of many dedicated employees (who are growing with me in the mindset of “Doing Whatever it Takes to Get the Job Done”), we are enjoying providing service to our clients, many of who were clients when we bought the business in 1996.  Thank you to our lifetime clients, our soon to be lifetime clients, and our wonderful, “Do Whatever it Takes to Get it Done”, “Stepping Up” crew”!

I highly recommend the book “Stepping Up” by John Izzo, Ph.D. and will be bringing several copies to the office for our reading enjoyment.

I congratulate the Intercon Crew who are continually “Stepping Up”.

Thank You Miss Callaway

Posted last week was a fantastic blog by my good friend and co-worker Paige Callaway. In this blog she touched on the importance of flexibility in life, in work and personal aspects.

After reading such a great  piece of writing, I started to panic thinking to myself, how am I going to follow that?  

Over the week the sense of panic did not fade. While working every day and having personal family matters to deal with, my motivation only seemed to grow weaker and weaker.

So with today being my dead line, and my motivation sitting at 0, I decided to do a quick re-read of Miss Callaway’s blog. And wouldn’t you know it…………………………..BAM. I found the inspiration I was looking for.

Intercon Messaging is flexible in more ways than one. Not only is Intercon flexible with their clients, working with them to create an account that perfectly suits their needs. Intercon is also flexible with their employee’s.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been dealing with family matters this week that has left me quite heavyhearted. At any given moment, my phone may ring and my life with be changed forever.

However, even with the dark cloud hovering over me, I have no need to worry about asking for time off. Intercon management is familiar with the situation and they did not have to think twice to tell me not to worry, when the time comes and I need to be with my family,  I am free to go.

Not all companies would be so delicate with these sorts of issues, but at Intercon, management understands, we are all human, and there are some things more important than work. For this, I will be forever grateful.

Life, Intercon Messaging and Yoga!

Life, Intercon Messaging and Yoga . . . what do these three have in common? 


 Being flexible both physically and mentally I believe is very important in life.  It is a talent or skill that is an anti-stresser.  Being flexible is defined as capable of being bent and/or susceptible of modification or adaption.  Think of how this applys to day to day life.  What is the first thing we do in the morning, perhaps after the snooze button.  We get out of bed.  Imagine the task of getting out of bed if your legs were straight and did not bend.  If you have ever worn a cast you come to appreciate life after the cast and the joys of having that flexibility.

This similar idea can be applied to life.  When things happen that are not as planned we can stiffen up and resent what is happening.  Or we can be flexible knowing it is our best interest and there is a lesson wrapped in every situation.  Which is easier?

My personal life lends itself to being flexible in multiple ways.  I am very fortunate to have a flexible job where I work from a remote location.  I am also fortunate to have a great set of co-workers that allow my schedule to be flexible so I can follow other dreams.  I am work to be physically flexible to trick ride and to hula hoop.  I start each day with intentions and when plans are not going as I have planned, I trust that their is a reason for this and that what is meant to be will be.  Usually everything works out, but in a different way then my mind had planned it to.  Thus I have found flexibility very important.   

Intercon Messaging is happy to offer this to all of our clients.  Though we do not offer yoga for our clients . . . yet, by using our service it allows one to gain more flexiblity within their lives.  The options of leaving the office for the afternoon, working on the road or taking a vacation become more appealing with the peace of mind that your business will be waiting when you return or relayed to you as desired.

 How can your life become more flexible . . . well here are a few suggestions I have . . . 

  1. Be greatful for the way things are going, whether they are good or bad by your opinion they are for your best interest.  If they weren’t they would not occur.  Some of the best gifts are “wrapped in sand paper”.
  2. Do Yoga, hoop or stretch . . . something physical to keep those muscles moving!
  3. Create flexibility with in your workplace . . . use Intercon Messaging!

After all life is about creating and enjoying, and is best done with a smile on our face.  So lets get flexible!!