Why I Attend the Annual Alberta Congress Board Conference

Alberta is the land of opportunity and being a county councilor from October 2007 to October 2010 certainly presented me many new opportunities.

One of those was the privilege of attending the 2008 Alberta Congress Board Conference.  At the Jasper Park Lodge!  One conference, and I was hooked. 


  • The location is a piece of heaven.
  • The program is exciting.
  • The speakers are the best in their field.
  • There is a speaker or panel discussion at every meal.
  • The majority of time is spent in small group interactive discussions.
  • I increase my network of contacts each year.
  • The caliber of the solutions created at the conference enabled me to return to my workplaces with the connections and knowledge to make immediate, relevant, productive, positive change.
  • The Alberta Congress Board took the recommendations from the small group to a global group upon completion of the conference…giving participants the knowledge that their work was influencing decisions at a higher level.
  • The conference has a totally new and timely theme every year.


I also attended in 2009. I was fortunate to attend and facilitate in 2010, as well I actively attended, partnered, facilitated and was a speaker in 2011. In 2012 I am a partner again.

The 2012 conference theme “Innovation and our Future Workforce” is timely and relevant as we move to develop strategic workforce plans for 2020 (or sooner).  These strategic plans will position Alberta employers to compete globally for the skilled talented people required to remain competitive in our marketplace.

The 2012 conference is a must for HR professionals who want to continue to lead their organizations in their industries and markets moving toward 2020.  Employers will face challenges we haven’t yet imagined.  

BIG Decisions . . . Simplified.

It is inevitable in life that we will be faced with challenges and choices.  How we overcome and respond to them is what defines us and builds our character.  The desired outcome of these choices and challenges is usually happiness or peace with in.  What choice or move can I make to bring myself back to a “happy zone”?  

I have found a very simple technique that has helped me make tough decisions much easier.  I sit down, pen in hand, and I write out traits and morals I highly value.  I recollected situations that had caused me mental disarray and dissected them to see what is happening to tweak that emotion.  What value is being challanged.  I realized a few things about myself.  I learned that two of the most valued things I feel passionate about and have the ability to upset my inner peace when not congruent with are respect and self empowerment.    

I wrote these down, and added two more which I greatly value to compile the following list.  Respect, self empowerment, trust and (this is side by side with self empowerment) following your dreams with all your heart.  I have these four things listed on a white board in my room where I can see them every day.  When i am faced with a decision whether it be at work, with my family, with my schedule or with my future, I look at this list.  Is this choice I am making congruent with my core beliefs? Is it congruent with what brings me peace? 

The answer no longer becomes such a grey area.  It is very black and white.  I know right away, or a lot sooner what the best decision for me is.  It has proven time and time again to send me down the right path in life.  The path that brings me happiness.