Do you know what your call forwarding options are?

Did you know that your phone provider offers different types of call forwarding?

The terms used and the instructions on how to forward your phone often vary from provider to provider, however the most common types below are fairly standard.

Call Forward Fixed: This is sometimes also referred to ‘Remote Call Forward’ or ‘Permanently Parked’. All incoming calls will be automatically forwarded to the answering service 24/7/365. This is programmed by your phone provider so can only be turned on or off by them.

Call Forward Busy: This is sometimes referred to as ‘Busy Call Forward’. Call Forward Busy automatically transfers calls to the answering service when your phone line is in use. This is programmed by your phone provider.

Call Forward No Answer: This is sometimes referred to as ‘No Answer Transfer’. Call Forward No Answer lets you choose the number of rings after which your call will forward to the answering service.

Call Forwarding Variable: This is sometimes referred to as ‘Traditional Call Forwarding’. It allows incoming calls to be automatically forwarded to a number of your choice.  You can choose to turn this on or off and/or change this number.

Some customers choose to utilize their in-house phone systems to forward calls to the answering service. However many of these phone systems degrade the call quality when used so we recommend this only as a last resort.

Now that you know the difference between each call forwarding type, stay tuned for more articles on the Benefits of Call Forwarding, Troubleshooting and How-To’s!