Growth & Change

It is an inevitable law of the universe to grow and change. Those two words “pack more punch” then most words in the english dictionary and with good reason. They are full of memories and emotion, times of sun and times of rain (literally) and most of all chances for us to become better.

Intercon Messaging is a company that greatly reflects growth and change. There may not be a better time to address this subject then with the temporary farewell to a cornerstone of the company. At the end of the week, Nicole Linde-Coleman will start her maternity leave as she grows her family by one. Nicole has seen this company grow from two operators working day shifts to the many we currently have. Nicole has been very influential within Intercon Messaging and is extremely knowledgable with the business front to back. She is embarking on a new path as a Mom and with the commitment and passion she has shown in the company, it is with out a doubt she will be excellent at it.

It also opens doors of growth and change for Intercon Messaging and people within to adjust to our changes. It is an exciting time for everyone around; growing people and a growing company.

One thing I can say personally about growing, is that it seems the best growth and change happens when we take a bigger step, a bigger risk or that jump into the unknown. It opens our minds and hearts into a state of venerability where we release expectations, think with out limits and see amazing change unfold. It is those times we gain tremendous strength and wisdom, and it is those times that give the words “Grow” and “Change” such power.

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It is exciting to be in the atmosphere of that change both personally and with in the company. A big HUG to Nicole for all her hard work over the years, enjoy your new title as Mommy and we look forward to your return. Congrats to everyone at Intercon Messaging who is taking this opportunity to grow. There is lots of greatness to come!!