On Course Ambassadors of the Year Award for 2013

We are very excited to announce that our very own, Pat Vos has been selected as a recipient of the On Course Ambassadors of the Year Award for 2013.  She was nominated by Kathy Magee of Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

The On Course Ambassadors is a dedicated group of college and university educators across North America and beyond. Each has attended at least one multi-day On Course professional development event and made a commitment to share what they learned with their colleagues and students. The On Course Ambassadors’ mission is to bring about significant improvements in student academic success and retention, and the selection committee singled out Pat for her laudable efforts to achieve these goals at Intercon Messaging, NAIT and other colleges and schools in Alberta.

Awards for this honor will be presented at the On Course Ambassadors' dinner on April 24, 2014, during the 9th annual On Course National Conference. Honorees have also been invited to make a presentation to all attendees during the closing session of the conference.

On Course founder Dr. Skip Downing quoted Albert Einstein, who said, “Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living."

"I think he would agree that Pat is making her life well worth living,"Downing said. "Congratulations on having such a dedicated community member to support the education of others."

Congratulations Pat!

The CAM-X 48th Annual Trade Show and Convention

Wow - thank you team! Can't say enough about how proud I am!!

On Friday October 19th, as the awards ceremony unfolded at the CAM-X 48th Annual Trade Show and Convention in Victoria, I had many thoughts running through my mind.  We’ve won the Award of Excellence (AOE) for 11 straight years; will we do it again?  We’ve won the Award of Distinction (AOD) for 10 out of the last 12 years; will we do it again?  We usually rate the calls ourselves and have a reasonable idea.  But, this year, we knew we had one very bad call and could find records for only five more; we had 4 wild cards.  We wondered why agents did not tell us they’d received another CAM-X call…was no news good news, or bad news?

Lil Lyle and Linda Osip did the order of presentation differently this year and the longer they went without calling our name the more I trembled in my seat.

Our history is 14 years in the AOE program with 12 consecutive wins.  Eleven years in the AOD with 10 wins, the last 9 consecutive. In 1999, three years after purchasing Valley Communications, we entered our first AOE.  The AOE is an industry-benchmarking program that began 23 years ago. One Member Company, @liveconx has 23 consecutive awards!  Unfortunately, we did not achieve the required 80% in 1999 or 2000.  In 2001, we entered both the AOE and AOD. With encouragement and coaching from Lil Lyle, continual educational opportunities and sheer determination, we won both awards! In 2002 we won AOE only. In 2003 we focused our energy on AOE only and brought home the award. In 2004 after winning the AOD, Intercon Messaging was awarded a huge contract due to the awards we have won through CAM-X!

I am very privileged and pleased with the dedication, commitment and education of our people, which is vital in achieving the score necessary to win these esteemed industry awards. 

I am extremely grateful to my people for their hard work, their commitment to education, their persistence and all that they do, all day every day, to provide an outstanding level of service to our clients and their callers.

Thank you to each and every person who works for Intercon Messaging.  

Recognition Gone Bad

Why do we bully others?

Why do some people feel bullied and others just laugh?

What is destructive?

What is constructive?

My girlfriend and I decided to offer entrepreneurship in Drayton valley to our local school students.  We printed flyers and mailed them to every student ‘s home that were between grades 9 and 12.  Junior Achievement offers many financial literacy programs that volunteers teach in schools.  We wanted to teach entrepreneurship so we chose to offer the Junior Achievement Company Program where students learn to start a company, produce a product, take it to market and then wrap up the company all in 17 weeks.  This is a really fun well designed program that is taught to 90,000 students worldwide.  (We can help you start a program in your community)

Things were going pretty well and them wammo…a reported incident of bullying!  Dealing with that was not part of the curriculum.  Being a graduate of 21st Century Leadership, and a graduate of On Course for facilitators and a life long learner I scrambled for a mature way to deal with this without raising defenses and making it personal, seeking to create value for all participants.

So for that evening, we defined BULLYING as “getting your need for recognition met destructively” by making someone else look bad so you could feel better…basically getting your need for recognition met destructively. 

First, we all agreed that at some level we had a need for recognition.

Then we broke into small groups and talked about hurtful or mean things we had done.

We agreed that for the short term we might have felt powerful, but we never did feel very good for very long.

Second we brainstormed a list of several ways we could get our need for recognition met constructively:

1. Be kind to others

2.  Do a favor for others

3.  Just do things that need doing

4.  Volunteer

5.  Teach Sunday School

6.  Babysit for free

7.  Do things without being asked

This is a group of students who are in grades 9-12…their list was lengthy and amazing.

Then we sat each kid up at the front one at a time and got the other kids to say all the nice things they could think about this person and gave each of them their list…this process may be uncomfortable for some…but educate and encourage them to relax and enjoy the recognition and say thank you, not deflect the recognition.

Then they took their list of words and made themselves an affirmation: 

I am a kind, peaceful passionate leader!  I am!

Next…they each read their affirmation out loud.  No comments, no words, 1 person at a time.  When everyone was finished we stood smiling in silence for a minute.  The energy level in the room just kept rising. 

Our final comment was for each person to invest the time in them-selves to get their need for recognition met constructively. ALWAYS.