Thank You Miss Callaway

Posted last week was a fantastic blog by my good friend and co-worker Paige Callaway. In this blog she touched on the importance of flexibility in life, in work and personal aspects.

After reading such a great  piece of writing, I started to panic thinking to myself, how am I going to follow that?  

Over the week the sense of panic did not fade. While working every day and having personal family matters to deal with, my motivation only seemed to grow weaker and weaker.

So with today being my dead line, and my motivation sitting at 0, I decided to do a quick re-read of Miss Callaway’s blog. And wouldn’t you know it…………………………..BAM. I found the inspiration I was looking for.

Intercon Messaging is flexible in more ways than one. Not only is Intercon flexible with their clients, working with them to create an account that perfectly suits their needs. Intercon is also flexible with their employee’s.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been dealing with family matters this week that has left me quite heavyhearted. At any given moment, my phone may ring and my life with be changed forever.

However, even with the dark cloud hovering over me, I have no need to worry about asking for time off. Intercon management is familiar with the situation and they did not have to think twice to tell me not to worry, when the time comes and I need to be with my family,  I am free to go.

Not all companies would be so delicate with these sorts of issues, but at Intercon, management understands, we are all human, and there are some things more important than work. For this, I will be forever grateful.