Father Time

Father time seems to be a hasty fellow.   With the start of school for some, the changing color of leaves and the dropping of thermometers, September brings a transitional time for everyone.  For the Intercon Messaging family, we are in the final stage of wedding season.  Much “Congratulations” to newly weds Taryn & Matty Monteith who celebrated with a beautiful wedding last saturday, as well as this weekends ‘Newly Weds To Be’ Amanda Lathe and Ryan Fynn on their marriage this weekend.  We also wait patiently for the arrival news of a beautiful baby to Grace and Mark Wheaton.  While some are enjoying landmark changes that bring excitement to their lives, we are going the the transitions of each season, month and day.  We are all at the mercy of father time and it seems when we race against him, he shall always be the victor.  However the secret in winning the race of time, is to stop and pause.  In the world of fast food, faster internet and the fastest vehicles, it seems ironic that the reverse be the answer.  It is however, in the simplicity of the minute, in the presence of now that happiness is found.  The long standing saying about happiness being a journey not a destination, is very true.    

When was the last time you stopped and watched the clouds for a minute, or paid attention to your heart beating.  How about giving thanks? What if all you had today was what you gave thanks for yesterday?   

Its like a dance with time.  Balancing between the beat of what is required to be done and what you desire to get done, all the while listening to the melody that plays each second.  Learning to enjoying the fast pace songs that make the slow ones more enjoyable.  Some days seem like they are upbeat happy songs, while others could be compared to a deeper sorrow and the deep strum of a guitar.  Each beautiful in their own way and each complimenting the other, for with out one, how can the other be as enjoyable.

One of the greatest pieces of advice I received was to live life in the eye of the storm.  In terms of a tornado or some days a hurricane, step into the eye of the storm where it is peaceful and quiet.  Everything around may be swirling and blowing around running frantically, but if you can stand there in the eye of the storm, in peace, then you can think clearly about the best action to take and continue to dance in the balance of what needs to be done and what you desire to do.  In the eye of the storm, you can hear the melody of the song, find peace within cluster, order among disorder and happiness in any minute.      

If life was a competition, this is how you beat father time . . . living in the minute and loving every second. 

Life, Intercon Messaging and Yoga!

Life, Intercon Messaging and Yoga . . . what do these three have in common? 


 Being flexible both physically and mentally I believe is very important in life.  It is a talent or skill that is an anti-stresser.  Being flexible is defined as capable of being bent and/or susceptible of modification or adaption.  Think of how this applys to day to day life.  What is the first thing we do in the morning, perhaps after the snooze button.  We get out of bed.  Imagine the task of getting out of bed if your legs were straight and did not bend.  If you have ever worn a cast you come to appreciate life after the cast and the joys of having that flexibility.

This similar idea can be applied to life.  When things happen that are not as planned we can stiffen up and resent what is happening.  Or we can be flexible knowing it is our best interest and there is a lesson wrapped in every situation.  Which is easier?

My personal life lends itself to being flexible in multiple ways.  I am very fortunate to have a flexible job where I work from a remote location.  I am also fortunate to have a great set of co-workers that allow my schedule to be flexible so I can follow other dreams.  I am work to be physically flexible to trick ride and to hula hoop.  I start each day with intentions and when plans are not going as I have planned, I trust that their is a reason for this and that what is meant to be will be.  Usually everything works out, but in a different way then my mind had planned it to.  Thus I have found flexibility very important.   

Intercon Messaging is happy to offer this to all of our clients.  Though we do not offer yoga for our clients . . . yet, by using our service it allows one to gain more flexiblity within their lives.  The options of leaving the office for the afternoon, working on the road or taking a vacation become more appealing with the peace of mind that your business will be waiting when you return or relayed to you as desired.

 How can your life become more flexible . . . well here are a few suggestions I have . . . 

  1. Be greatful for the way things are going, whether they are good or bad by your opinion they are for your best interest.  If they weren’t they would not occur.  Some of the best gifts are “wrapped in sand paper”.
  2. Do Yoga, hoop or stretch . . . something physical to keep those muscles moving!
  3. Create flexibility with in your workplace . . . use Intercon Messaging!

After all life is about creating and enjoying, and is best done with a smile on our face.  So lets get flexible!!