"The Coming Jobs War", a book review

WOW.  There is something about this book that grabbed me and took hold.  I think I’ve bought 20 copies so far and personally handed them to people and said, “ You gotta read this book!”

Having taught the Junior Achievement Company Program (Entrepreneurship) to students in grades 9-12 in Drayton Valley for the past 3 years, this book speaks to me in a very meaningful way.

The point of the book is that creating good jobs; which entrepreneurs do, is the key to Gross National Wellness (GNW), which precedes Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Simply put, more good jobs = more GDP.  Where are you on the GNW scale?  Is it on your radar?  Are you measuring GNW?  How?  Is GNW improving in your organization?

Some key points from the book:

  • “The Coming War for Jobs” says, “That all the world wants is a good job”.  In fact 7 billion people want a good job.  A good job is at least 30 hours per week.  “A great job - one with growth opportunity, a manager who is interested in your development: that gives you a sense of mission and purpose – you have about the best life you can have at this time in human history.”
  • Canada is ranked # 9 out of the top 25.  Interestingly enough they have not factored total population into the equation.    Only a dollar value stated as GDP.
  • Clifton, the author, says “To compound the problem, too many citizens are hallucinating.  They think the government will come up with the money to save them.  But the government doesn’t have the money.  People and companies have the money.  And if the overwhelming majority of people aren’t working outside of government jobs”, we are in very, very deep trouble.
  • "Countries need critical leadership positions to be held by the fittest people, in every sense, as they will require their constituencies to be fit as well.  Gallup has taken one of its deepest dives into the behavioral economics of healthcare and sickness and has discovered five key elements of wellbeing.  If leaders create behavioral –based strategies and policies to improve these five elements, all good things will follow for their constituencies.
  1. Career Wellbeing:  how you occupy your time or simply liking what you do every day.
  2. Social Wellbeing:  having strong relationships and love in your life.
  3. Financial Wellbeing:  effectively managing your economic life.
  4. Physical Wellbeing:  having good health and enough energy to get things done on a daily basis.
  5. Community Wellbeing:  the sense of engagement you have with the area where you live."


Why I Attend the Annual Alberta Congress Board Conference

Alberta is the land of opportunity and being a county councilor from October 2007 to October 2010 certainly presented me many new opportunities.

One of those was the privilege of attending the 2008 Alberta Congress Board Conference.  At the Jasper Park Lodge!  One conference, and I was hooked. 


  • The location is a piece of heaven.
  • The program is exciting.
  • The speakers are the best in their field.
  • There is a speaker or panel discussion at every meal.
  • The majority of time is spent in small group interactive discussions.
  • I increase my network of contacts each year.
  • The caliber of the solutions created at the conference enabled me to return to my workplaces with the connections and knowledge to make immediate, relevant, productive, positive change.
  • The Alberta Congress Board took the recommendations from the small group to a global group upon completion of the conference…giving participants the knowledge that their work was influencing decisions at a higher level.
  • The conference has a totally new and timely theme every year.


I also attended in 2009. I was fortunate to attend and facilitate in 2010, as well I actively attended, partnered, facilitated and was a speaker in 2011. In 2012 I am a partner again.

The 2012 conference theme “Innovation and our Future Workforce” is timely and relevant as we move to develop strategic workforce plans for 2020 (or sooner).  These strategic plans will position Alberta employers to compete globally for the skilled talented people required to remain competitive in our marketplace.

The 2012 conference is a must for HR professionals who want to continue to lead their organizations in their industries and markets moving toward 2020.  Employers will face challenges we haven’t yet imagined.  

Your Are Your Own Best Asset!

For many of us positive thinking has become a way of life. For that we thank, in large part, Pat Vos. She has opened many doors to learning and personal growth for everyone within the company.  As I continue to learn and grow I have consulted different people, read numerous books and been to different courses.  A major theme that trails through all of them is surrounding yourself in a positive environment.  Listen, read and discuss things of a positive nature or topics which will increase your knowledge.  This creates the perfect environment for growth and development.  In a sense, what you’re doing is learning and developing a larger perspective on life, allowing you to view things from multiple "eyes" so to speak.  

This video is one of my favorite things to watch.  Whether I am having a good day or an average day, it seems some part in this video helps me out at that moment.  Every time I watch it I am able to take something new away from it.  Steve Jobs was a creator, inventor, entrepreneur and inspiration for many. This speech is a gift of his experience and wisdom from his trials and tribulations that he faced through his journey on earth.  Jobs reveals more about himself here in this speech for anyone who is unfamiliar with it. 

The saying, “you can’t see the forest through the trees”, can pertain to life.  When something arises, an issue or challenge it can sometimes be difficult to know which way to go.  In most cases, we are not the first ones to go through that situation. In all cases, someone else has been through something similar. Allow them to help, allow their experience to teach them AND teach you! One way of doing this is watching different videos and read books.  Take time to expand your brain power and wisdom.  You are your own best asset, invest in it.    

I hope you enjoy this video and watch for more to come!

The person next to you … (flashback part 2)

This is a poem I found hidden away in my employee folder. I honestly don’t remember when I received this or even reading it! However I am glad that I was able to “re-discover” it. It is a bit long, but I hope you still enjoy it.


Look Around You, Who Is the Person Sitting Next To You?
                                                                                      -Author Unknown

Look around you…
Who is the person sitting next to you?

The person next to you…
is one of the greatest miracles you will ever meet at this moment
- and the greatest mysteries.

The person next to you …
is an inexhaustible reservoir of possibility
with possibilities which have been only partially realized.

The person next to you…
is a unique universe of experience
seething with necessity and possibility
dread and desire, smiles and frowns
laughter and tears, fears and hopes
- all struggling to find expression

The person next to you…
…is surging to become something,
…to arrive at some destination,
…to have a story and a song,
…to be known and to know

The person next to you…
…believes in something…something precious
…stands for something
…counts for something
…lives for something
…labors for something
…waits for something
…runs toward something

The person next to you…
…is more than any description
…is more than any explanation
…is more, much, much more.

The person next to you…
is searching…
…for meaning
…for inner-peace
…for self-esteem
…for something they already have - they just have to realize that

The person next to you…
has problems and fears, just like you
…wonders how he or she is doing
…is often undecided, disorganized and painfully close to chaos
- but endowed with great toughness in the face of adversity, able to survive the most unbelievable difficulties and challenges.

The person next to you…
…has something he or she can do well
…something she or he can do better than anyone else in the whole world
…has strengths they do not even recognize
…needs to talk to you about those abilities
…needs you to listen
…but do they dare speak them to you?

The person next to you...
…needs a friend
…wants to be a friend
…can comfort you
…can care for you
…can understand you
…and love you.

Isn’t that what you want?
It’s what they want.

The person next to you…
is a special human being
…and so are you!

You will want to get to know this person!


I think this is a great reminder that people are a combination of the experiences and of the people they have met in their lifetimes. You never know what great things you may uncover with each person you interact with!