NAEO 2016 Annual Conference

Last week I attended the 2016 NAEO (National Amtelco Equipment Owners) Annual Conference. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “It never ceases to amaze me how helpful and willing to share knowledge the people in this industry are!” So to keep in the spirit of the organization, here’s a summary of my experiences this trip!

An overview of this year’s conference highlights and take-aways:

  • This years’ conference was held in San Diego, CA at the Hilton Resort & Spa on Mission Bay.

  • Reconnecting with friends and industry colleagues, making new ones, and serving as a conference ‘buddy’ for a first timer.

  • The first keynote speaker Colin Sprake is a heart-centered Business Sherpa, author, speaker, and trainer. He left us with tools and strategies we can use immediately in both our personal and business lives to achieve greater success and make a positive impact.

  • The second keynote speaker Michael Gunther spoke to us about building a collaborative team environment and how to become the leader that our teams desire.

  • I got some one on one time with Amtelco and TAS Innovations. Once again our vendors were super helpful in answering my questions and helping me with anything I needed.

  • For the first time I ran for the NAEO Board of Directors; unfortunately I did not get voted in. But with all the consolation hugs and words of encouragement I received, I’d be ok with losing every time! I feel truly blessed by all of the support I received! Rossi, Ian and Robert did get voted in and they are great additions to the board. I wish them all the best during their term!

  • There were great Operations, Sales/Marketing and Technical breakout sessions as well as the wonderful Round Tables discussions! As it often happens, I wish I could have been in more than one session at a time as there was just that much great content! The conference committee put together a fantastic conference again this year!

An overview of the technical and software information we learned:

  • Learned more about SQL,= and stored procedures

  • Learned Crystal Reporting and some different ways other centers are using it.

  • A ‘refreshed’ direction on moving forward with IS (Intelligent Series) programming

  • New programming ideas to better assist some of our clients

  • People don’t like change, so call it ‘enhancements’

  • Thinking positive is only half of the equation. The other half is how you feel. If you think rich, but feel poor, you will always get what you feel.

  • Vision + Expectations + Communication + Accountability + Development + Innovation + Balance = TRUST

Other memories and things I learned on my adventure:

  • Best Buddy Brian is the best Buddy ever!

  • The newly formed Band of Misfits is a ‘catch-all’ group of all my friends

  • ‘Lord Robert’ appears when you least expect and will grant one wish and/or help you cross something off of your bucket list

  • The Gaslamp District is full of laughs and adventures

  • It’s easy to tell if it’s the first time you’ve used Uber

  • Kurt is great at creating taglines “Stick a NikiFORK in it and consider it done!’

  • We really do enjoy calling each other Slackers! However it can make it more difficult to find each other lol

All in all it was a fantastic trip! Thank you to everyone at the conference and of course everyone at the office who covered for me while I was away!

Why I love attending the NAEO annual conference

The National Amtelco Equipment Owner's (NAEO) annual conference starts next week and it got me thinking about what specifically I look forward to. There are so many things I had a hard time narrowing it down, but these are probably my top 10 reasons/benefits (in no particular order):

1. Have loads of fun, laughs and adventure

2. Meet new people

3. Reconnect with some 'old' friends (in person)

4. Sharing ideas and support with industry colleagues

5. Visit a city I've never been to before; or explore different areas of a city that I have been to before

6. Learn about new software and features

7. Learn new programming skills/techniques

8. Learn more about different industry best practices

9. Discover more opportunities on how to be more involved with the association

10. Bringing back all the new ideas and experiences back to share with our crew!


Gloria, Taryn, Cheryl & I taking a break from the festivities in Dallas, TX (2014).

Gloria, Taryn, Cheryl & I taking a break from the festivities in Dallas, TX (2014).

Our Values

Intercon is all about education and we educate continually. We have a wonderful education grid which is designed for anyone within the company to advance at a pace that is reasonable but challenging.  We also have regular staff meetings to encourage you on your journey of personal and professional growth. 

We believe having fun at work matters and try to laugh often.  We also plan fun activities all year around.

Flexibility means you work all types of shifts and to us being flexible means when you ask for a day off you get it.  It also means to us that you get every second weekend off.  It also means that if you choose to pick up extra shifts, we do not discourage that.

By design we work everyday on building a culture of respect.  Part of our personal development includes sessions designed to increase self-respect and respect for others.  To the best of our ability we act and behave respectfully toward all.

Our organization teaches integrity and we use that word in the context of if I say I will do it, I do it.  I do what I say I will do.

By educating, having fun, being flexible, respectful and teaching people to do what they say they will do we are in the position and have the organizational capacity to create innovative solutions for our clients.

We live by the above values of education, fun, flexibility, respect, integrity and innovation and use these three guiding principles to make these decisions:


You know you're a Valley Girl when... (flashback part 1)

The other day, my computer was down for a few hours to do some upgrades and I found myself rather lost! So I figured it was time to start cleaning up my personal employee folder on the network. After a few minutes, I decided that I need to do this more often! Not because there was tons of junk in it, but some of the old documents brought back a flood of fantastic memories!

One of the first documents I found was from our Christmas party in 2007. Gloria Tonne and I made mini posters and hung them up all around the lounge. They are a collection of memories from around the office, meetings, conferences, health and wellness trips and group get-togethers. Each memory begins with the phrase “You know you’re a Valley Girl when….” So I thought I’d share a few of our old memories (we had close to 80 originally) before I start working on making a new list!

You know you’re a Valley Girl when…

…when you run on “Valcom time”

…when you know what “Valcom” is

…you answer to: a. Crazy Canadian

                            b. One of Pat’s girls

                            c. Valley Girl

…you’ve been inside the Pink Room

 …you have been hot-tubbing with you’re co-workers

…you have worn the birthday sombrero or the foam cowboy hat

…your luggage gets lost before leaving the airport

…it’s not about the destination, it’s about the trip!

…hanging ‘unusual’ objects to your car antenna or roof rack is a pre-requisite for a good team-building experience

…you buy a second-hand pizza from a random stranger for $20

…when you wear scarves, toques, ascots, robes and your co-workers name tag to the hotel sauna, just for the reaction

…coffee is FREEDOM in a cup!

…you are the first to volunteer for examples in seminars

…you make or create your own hats and accessories

…you know what “Road Gold” is

…you put everyone else to bed!

…when you travel in packs and everyone drives their own vehicle wherever you are going

…April Fools ’05 is still on your short list of best pranks ever!

…when you have slept on the grey couch

…you work hard – but play harder!

…you remember Hypno-Marty

…you’ve taken your mom to Mama-Mia!

…you have called a hotel, tow truck, ambulance, realtor, vet and tribal council within the last 15min

…you are on a first name basis with STARS dispatch

…you understand what it means to take ownership

…you know what your stand, stoop, and definition of success is!

…the PIT will always be the PIT (it’s said with fondness!)

…you’ve taken 4 time management courses and still can’t find the time to use it!

…you secretly hope that Troy’s famous perogies will be at the potluck

…you’ve received a tear-jerker card from KV right at the perfect time

…you’ve been surrounded by RCMP officers on your way into the building and have to put your arms up and say “I just work here!”

…you’ve given yourself your job title and written your own job description

…you thrive in emergencies

…you have been volunteered to help people you don’t know, to do things you’ve never done before

…you NEVER sit at the same table with the same people twice

…you have gone to the Russian Tea House

…you’ve toured hotels just because you can

…you know who Wayne, Doreen, Helen and Floyd are

…you know who “He who must not be named” really is

…after your shift you still hear phones, radios and alarms everywhere you go

…Do. Dump. Delegate

…you know what Mumu night was and wish you had been there.


I hope at least of few of these have brought a smile to your face today...they make me smile everytime I read them.!


We do not remember days; we remember moments. - Cesare Pavese