Small Town Lovin’

The Intercon team recently had the great pleasure in taking part of a beautiful tradition. One of our employees tied the knot over the weekend, and it was certainly a company affair!

To recap Intercon’s employee involvement, we had: the bride, 3 bridesmaids, 2 photographers, 3 usherettes, the caterer, the master of ceremonies, both of the owners, as well as numerous employees attending as guests.

I think that this deep involvement is a great demonstration of the sense of community Intercon has within its work environment.

The title co-workers doesn’t quite describe the relationship between Intercon employees.  With staff that has come from all over the world, Intercon is such a welcoming and safe environment, it doesn’t take long for the staff to feel at home.

Even though some staff work from home, over 3,500 km from the head office, we are still able to achieve a consequential degree of community.

All in all, one more “pro” for Intercon!

Baby Wedding.jpg