It’s July 2019; My Thoughts This Month….

It’s July 2019; My Thoughts This Month….

The Federal Government has approved the Trans Mountain Pipeline again.  Yeah… us Albertan’s are looking forward to driving along the right of way and watching the side boom’s laying the pipe in the trench. Lots of side boom’s, lots of pipe and a big long trench, 1150 km. 

During this complicated and lengthy process I’ve been puzzled by contradictions:

We haul oil by truck and generate carbon.

We haul oil by rail and generate carbon.

We’ve been cutting down trees that would absorb carbon and building pipe yards in B.C. to store all the pipe Trans Canada ordered, purchased and paid for from China and India; when the pipeline was initially approved by the Federal Government in 2016.

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Technology to help you build your business

Technology to help you build your business

Technology is moving so quickly these days it can be hard to keep track. That’s especially true in a field like communications where it can seem as if there’s a new development every time you turn around. So what do you have to do you keep up? How can you be sure that your business is using the best technology that’s available, without jumping on every single flavour of the month tech bandwagon that comes along?  This blog post will answer those questions and more. 

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FAQ: What is my account number and why is it important?

Each of our clients has a unique account number which is also the number they can call us directly and/or use as their call forward.  This number allows our staff immediate access your account information.

If you still need further assistance or have questions, please contact our Client Care team by calling toll free 1-866-605-2558 or emailing them.

Stay tuned for more answers to frequently asked questions from Intercon Messaging!


Five Signs Your Company Could Use A Call Centre

Good quality customer service important to many people when they are looking to do business with a company. This means timely responses and quick results. Business can be lost when callers are turned away from a company if they are placed on hold, ignored or experience poor phone communication. This is where a call centre can come in to fix or avoid those problems! Here are five signs that your company could use a call centre:

1. Your Staff Encounter Frequent Interruptions

    Many companies have employees with overlapping roles. This could mean that the person in charge of filling orders is also taking customer calls during the day. If you find that their work is being delayed because their time is spent answering phone calls instead of helping your company grow, it may be time to get help from a call centre. This can help your company grow by giving your employees more time to handle their other responsibilities.

2. You Have Too Many Calls to Handle

    Does your company scramble during to answer all incoming calls or have a hard time keeping on top of customer calls? If so a call centre could be the answer by being able to give each customer their individual attention and handle any unexpected spikes in the number of calls.

3. You Require After Hours Service Support

    Your staff may not be in the office 24/7, but that doesn’t mean your customers aren’t trying to reach you. A call centre is available 24/7/365 allowing  your business to have a real person answering your phones, ready to assist your callers 24/7/365!

4. You Rely on a Machine to Direct Calls

    No one likes their calls to be answered by a machine. It can make your company feel cold and distant, turning customers off before they’ve even had a chance to get through to you. Having a call centre means that whenever they call, current and potential customers get through to a real person.

5. Your Customer Service is Lacking

    Sure your nephew needs a job, but he doesn’t make the best receptionist. A call centre has highly educated employees who know how to represent your company and give the best customer service possible.

If any of these statements ring true to you, then you should consider utilizing a call centre for your business. With a call centre, you can deliver great customer service while helping improve your bottom line. Let Intercon Messaging help you move your business forward. Contact us now to find out how we can help your business.