What does it mean to be CAM-X Site Certified?

Yesterday, October 28, site examiner Dan L'Heureux visited our site for our CAM-X Site Recertification. We are extremely excited to announce that we passed with flying colors!

You’re probably thinking, “What exactly is the CAM-X Site Certification and what does it mean?” Site Certification is a three year certification governed by either ATSI (Association of TeleServices International) or CAM-X (Canadian Call Management Association). It means that we go through a set of criteria that covers best practices and guidelines for Telephone Answering Services (TAS) to adhere to. The criteria covers a range of topics including emergency procedures & recovery techniques, procedure documentation, system maintenance, back-ups, good business practices, employee safety, ongoing education and more!

I often get asked why we choose to participate in this. There several reasons why we participate; my top reasons are:

  • It’s a great learning opportunity! Having to go through all the criteria is a great way for team members to learn various things they may not have known before.
  • A great opportunity to review processes and procedures and pick them apart to see if and how you can improve them.
  • It’s a chance to have another set of eyes look over your procedures to see if they can ‘poke holes’ in them to find out if you may have over-looked something.
  • Another way for us to support and participate in different Telephone Answering Service industry associations.
Dan L w/ the Intercon Crew members responsible for the recertification process.

Dan L w/ the Intercon Crew members responsible for the recertification process.

This process takes many man hours and is definitely a team effort! Thank you to the whole team that works hard to make sure we continue these standards 24/7/365!

Our Site Certification History:

  • ATSI May 10, 2006
  • CAM-X September 6, 2012
  • CAM-X October 28, 2015

Intercon Messaging Won the CAM-X Award of Excellence for the 15th Year!

On October 2nd, at the CAM-X (Canadian Call Management Association)  51st Annual Convention and Trade Show held at the Hilton Doubletree in Charleston, South Carolina, we were honoured with the 2015 CAM-X Award of Excellence for the 15th consecutive year! To add to the excitement of this wonderful achievement, our agents hard work earned us a spot in the top 10!

The calls are judged using various criteria including response time, courteousness of the agent,  accuracy of the call, knowledge of the account and the overall impression of the call.

"The CAM-X Award of Excellence is a proven benchmarking program that enhances customer service for the Telephone Answering Service Industry throughout North America and the world." says CAM-X President Debbie Iacovone. "Technology advancements have made it possible to meet a variety of client needs yet it is the agents who take the calls that determine the overall customer satisfaction levels. The CAM-X Award of Excellence ensures agents not only meet the consistent, professional service levels clients demand, but exceed them. Since the inception of this Awards Program member participants have seen these service levels soar. I congratulate lntercon Messaging, Inc. for their achievements and commitment to excellence." 

The CAM-X 48th Annual Trade Show and Convention

Wow - thank you team! Can't say enough about how proud I am!!

On Friday October 19th, as the awards ceremony unfolded at the CAM-X 48th Annual Trade Show and Convention in Victoria, I had many thoughts running through my mind.  We’ve won the Award of Excellence (AOE) for 11 straight years; will we do it again?  We’ve won the Award of Distinction (AOD) for 10 out of the last 12 years; will we do it again?  We usually rate the calls ourselves and have a reasonable idea.  But, this year, we knew we had one very bad call and could find records for only five more; we had 4 wild cards.  We wondered why agents did not tell us they’d received another CAM-X call…was no news good news, or bad news?

Lil Lyle and Linda Osip did the order of presentation differently this year and the longer they went without calling our name the more I trembled in my seat.

Our history is 14 years in the AOE program with 12 consecutive wins.  Eleven years in the AOD with 10 wins, the last 9 consecutive. In 1999, three years after purchasing Valley Communications, we entered our first AOE.  The AOE is an industry-benchmarking program that began 23 years ago. One Member Company, @liveconx has 23 consecutive awards!  Unfortunately, we did not achieve the required 80% in 1999 or 2000.  In 2001, we entered both the AOE and AOD. With encouragement and coaching from Lil Lyle, continual educational opportunities and sheer determination, we won both awards! In 2002 we won AOE only. In 2003 we focused our energy on AOE only and brought home the award. In 2004 after winning the AOD, Intercon Messaging was awarded a huge contract due to the awards we have won through CAM-X!

I am very privileged and pleased with the dedication, commitment and education of our people, which is vital in achieving the score necessary to win these esteemed industry awards. 

I am extremely grateful to my people for their hard work, their commitment to education, their persistence and all that they do, all day every day, to provide an outstanding level of service to our clients and their callers.

Thank you to each and every person who works for Intercon Messaging.