What does it mean to be CAM-X Site Certified?

Yesterday, October 28, site examiner Dan L'Heureux visited our site for our CAM-X Site Recertification. We are extremely excited to announce that we passed with flying colors!

You’re probably thinking, “What exactly is the CAM-X Site Certification and what does it mean?” Site Certification is a three year certification governed by either ATSI (Association of TeleServices International) or CAM-X (Canadian Call Management Association). It means that we go through a set of criteria that covers best practices and guidelines for Telephone Answering Services (TAS) to adhere to. The criteria covers a range of topics including emergency procedures & recovery techniques, procedure documentation, system maintenance, back-ups, good business practices, employee safety, ongoing education and more!

I often get asked why we choose to participate in this. There several reasons why we participate; my top reasons are:

  • It’s a great learning opportunity! Having to go through all the criteria is a great way for team members to learn various things they may not have known before.
  • A great opportunity to review processes and procedures and pick them apart to see if and how you can improve them.
  • It’s a chance to have another set of eyes look over your procedures to see if they can ‘poke holes’ in them to find out if you may have over-looked something.
  • Another way for us to support and participate in different Telephone Answering Service industry associations.
Dan L w/ the Intercon Crew members responsible for the recertification process.

Dan L w/ the Intercon Crew members responsible for the recertification process.

This process takes many man hours and is definitely a team effort! Thank you to the whole team that works hard to make sure we continue these standards 24/7/365!

Our Site Certification History:

  • ATSI May 10, 2006
  • CAM-X September 6, 2012
  • CAM-X October 28, 2015