What makes a good live call agent

What makes a good live call agent

There’s more to being a live call agent than simply picking up the phone. A skilled live call agent is a special kind of person who comes with a unique set of abilities and the right amount of training. In this blog hear from some of our front end staff on what goes into being a great live call agent.

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I Want To Talk To Your Supervisor

I Want To Talk To Your Supervisor

                “I want to talk to your Supervisor”, this phrase said in a not so very pleasant manner is an indication that you have an unhappy customer on the other line that is probably calling about a service provided to him/her that he/she is not satisfied with. It can also be an experience with a previous Customer Service Representative that he/she is going to complain about. It can be anything. But one thing is for sure - that the customer is not happy. In this blog post, I have listed some of what I believe are the best tips in handling irate callers.

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Customer Service Tip: Speakerphone Etiquette

Don’t place callers on speakerphone without their permission.

Speakerphones provide a convenient and practical way to communicate with several people at once or being able to talk hands-free. Unfortunately, the misuse and abuse of speakerphones have given them a bad name. Getting the green light before placing a caller on speakerphone prevents the other party from thinking you are rude, unprofessional, or creating a scenario where something inappropriate or confidential is overhead by someone else.

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Phone Communication Tip

Speak Clearly and Enunciate

Understanding what someone is saying on the phone fosters a productive conversation and helps to prevent a conversation filled with tension.

Whenever you are on the phone, speak clearly, enunciate and use simple words and phrases. Don't employ overly complex vocabulary; the last thing you want to do is confuse the customer on the line or make them feel inferior.  

Failure to speak clearly and enunciate can cause people to often ask you to repeat yourself which can be frustrating for callers. 

A quick Google search can provide many solutions on how to speak clearly and enunciate. Two example articles are "How to Stop Mumbling & Be Heard" and "50 Tips for Better Voice Quality and Habits".

Telephone Answering Tip

Have a real person answer your phone – not a machine.

When your clients need something, they want to talk to a person, not a machine. A machine can be appropriate in some circumstances, can direct calls to the proper places and take messages, but an actual person answering the phone can do so much more! Having a live virtual receptionist is more personable, can provide quick responses and lets your clients know that they matter. 

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