The Ringing Telephone, The Value of A Call

I'm Serena North with Intercon Messaging, our team provides 5 star service to companies and individuals like you who require 24/7 telephone answering service.

There is freedom in forwarding your phones. Your clients and customers deserve to be heard. "We're there when you can't be"

Phone ringing off the hook? Wanting to spend more time with your family? Nobody wants to lose that million dollar client.

How much does a missed business call cost?  I asked a client we purchased during a recent acquisition how much each business call was worth.  Without hesitation she said generally about $200,000.00.  Intercon Messaging is passionate about helping our clients respond to every call.  What if each call is worth $200.00, that call turns into having that client every month of the year for $200.00 = $2400.00 per year.  With one more call like that every month, 24 months later you still have all those new clients for $200.00 each per month = the potential increase in revenue is substantial. 

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I’ve been in this industry over 22 years and have been at the end of a ringing telephone thousands of times working to find someone to take a call.  Intercon Messaging answers 85% of our calls live and the rest are auto-answered and placed on briefly until an agent is available.  We take a message from every caller and make sure the message is delivered to our client.

I do book online as often as I can to make sure I utilize the phone only for issues that I need the help of someone who can explain an issue, understand and respond to a query, and often the phone does not get answered during business hours and does not get to voice mail, or even a choice to press a number and reach a department.  During the busy years from 2009 to 2014 in Alberta our invoices to our clients increased 40%, so we assumed because their call volume was increasing, their business volume was increasing.  Times are different in Alberta right now, but if every call is potential revenue maybe missing calls is more costly that we realize.  

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