How Transportation Companies Can Benefit From Call Centre Services

The transportation industry never sleeps and customer service is what drives your business (pun intended). Missed calls can mean missed revenue. Calls that once went to voicemail can be answered by live Customer Service Representatives, eliminating the need to listen to those voicemails and then having to return the call, which will give your core staff more time to focus on other tasks important to your business. Given the round-the-clock service expected of transportation companies, a call centre can help ensure your business runs more efficiently. Here are a few ways that Intercon Messaging can assist transportation companies:

Telephone Answering & Reception Solutions

How do you make sure you give good customer service, keep existing customers and gain new customers to stay ahead of your competition? One way is to use the services of a live answering service for transportation companies like Intercon Messaging. We are available to your customers and your employees 24/7/365. We can answer your phones, book flights, schedule limo rentals, dispatch and update your truck drivers, schedule pick-ups or deliveries and more!

Journey Management & GPS Monitoring

The transportation of people, goods, the equipment used, as well as the people transporting those goods require monitoring care. Journey management and GPS monitoring systems ensure real-time knowledge of the location of your assets and even alert you to potential issues like a vehicle that is speeding, off route or requires maintenance.

Work Alone Monitoring

Provincial and state laws require specific monitoring for employees that may be working alone or in circumstances where assistance would not be readily available to the worker(s). Intercon Messaging provides custom solutions for your work alone program and monitoring to ensure your employees are safe and productive.  These solutions can be provided using live-answer, GPS devices, I.M. OK, texting (SMS), email or even voice mail.

Emergency Response & Dispatch

In the event of a situation that requires emergency action, our educated Customer Service Representatives will handle your calls with expertise and promptly follow the protocols you’ve put in place.

Transportation companies we serve:

  • Trucking Companies

  • Charter and Cargo Flight Companies

  • Fleet Management Services

  • Fuel, Oil & Propane Delivery Services

  • Limousine Companies

  • Auto Mechanics & Body Shops

  • Parking Lots & Garages

Keep your business and your clients moving with a professional 24/7/365 answering service.

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