How to Leave an Effective Voicemail


It is easy to communicate with anyone at any time of the day. Smartphones make everyone available at all hours. Even so, not all old forms of communication have become obsolete. Phone calls and voicemails are still a large part of today’s communication. It is surprising how many people are unable to leave a clear and concise voicemail. Here are tips to leave an effective message:

Planning your voicemail before ever picking up the phone is essential. It sounds unprofessional when a voicemail is stumbled through. Plan what you want to say beforehand, and even how you want to say it. If there are any specific details involved be sure to write them down to have on hand.

Practicing what you are going to say beforehand helps you to sound professional. Pausing for long periods of time while thinking about what to say doesn’t sound good. A short pause, however, in the place of “um” always sounds more professional. Take a short pause to gather your words rather than saying filler sounds. Rehearsing what you are going to say will help eliminate the urge to use filler sounds at all.

Speak slow and clear:
Talking too fast makes you sound nervous. Go slowly, and pay attention to the articulation of your words. Understanding a voicemail the first time it is listened to is more professional, and makes things easier for whomever you were calling.

Leave your info:
Give all of your contact details at the end of the voicemail. This should include your name, the name of your business, and the phone number. Some employers like the address or email address to be included as well. 

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