What is an Answering Service?

A Telephone Answering Service (TAS) is a company that responds to and serves customers for other businesses.  They are sometimes also referred to as Call Centres or Message Centres. In the traditional sense, an Answering Service refers to a group of trained professionals who answer phone calls, take detailed messages and relays the information directly to a client (via phone, email, SMS or fax). However now with technology, we are able to respond to emails, make appointments, monitor GPS systems. monitor your webchat, provide tech support for your clients and much more!

We cater to businesses of all sizes and types, including oil and gas companies, plumbing companies, dentist offices, realtors, construction, retail, insurance companies, doctors offices, law firms, etc. Businesses of all sizes often find that utilizing a service like ours, is a cost effective alternative to hiring a dedicated receptionist, dispatcher or support team.