Your Are Your Own Best Asset!

For many of us positive thinking has become a way of life. For that we thank, in large part, Pat Vos. She has opened many doors to learning and personal growth for everyone within the company.  As I continue to learn and grow I have consulted different people, read numerous books and been to different courses.  A major theme that trails through all of them is surrounding yourself in a positive environment.  Listen, read and discuss things of a positive nature or topics which will increase your knowledge.  This creates the perfect environment for growth and development.  In a sense, what you’re doing is learning and developing a larger perspective on life, allowing you to view things from multiple "eyes" so to speak.  

This video is one of my favorite things to watch.  Whether I am having a good day or an average day, it seems some part in this video helps me out at that moment.  Every time I watch it I am able to take something new away from it.  Steve Jobs was a creator, inventor, entrepreneur and inspiration for many. This speech is a gift of his experience and wisdom from his trials and tribulations that he faced through his journey on earth.  Jobs reveals more about himself here in this speech for anyone who is unfamiliar with it. 

The saying, “you can’t see the forest through the trees”, can pertain to life.  When something arises, an issue or challenge it can sometimes be difficult to know which way to go.  In most cases, we are not the first ones to go through that situation. In all cases, someone else has been through something similar. Allow them to help, allow their experience to teach them AND teach you! One way of doing this is watching different videos and read books.  Take time to expand your brain power and wisdom.  You are your own best asset, invest in it.    

I hope you enjoy this video and watch for more to come!