NAEO 2012 Annual Conference

Cheryl and I just got back from the 2012 NAEO (National Amtelco Equipment Owners) 28th Annual Conference. As always, what a great experience! It never ceases to amaze me how helpful and willing to share knowledge the people in this industry are. In the spirit of sharing information, I thought I’d do my best to summarize our experience – both at the conference and our travel adventures!

An overview of this year’s conference highlights:

NAEO 2012 Annual Conference Vegas.jpg
  • Reconnecting with friends and industry colleagues - as well as making new ones! 
  • Keynote speaker David Fabricius is an internationally renowned YPO-WPO and Fortune 500 corporation speaker. He offered outstanding leadership perspectives, productivity strategies and success strategies in his wonderful presentation. He has inspired us to “Raise Our Sails”.
  • We got some face time with Amtelco and other software providers. We asked for some changes and improvements for the programs we use and we are getting some of them right away! We also got to hear about the new products that are available and what is coming down the pike!
  • There were great Operations, Sales/Marketing and Technical breakout sessions as well as the wonderful Round Tables discussions!
  • As the saying goes - location, location, location! If you haven’t been to the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, it is a beautiful hotel. It is spacious, urban and lots of fun!

An overview of the technical and software information we learned:

  • SQL and Crystal Reporting are the ‘cat’s meow’. You are able to customize the information and design of the reports you create.
  • New ways of designing reports, and key questions to ask ourselves.
  • No matter how many times I attend the Amtelco Infinity maintenance session, I still take away new ideas and information.
  • Social Media is just like technology – it’s ever changing, and I still always learn something new each time I attend a session or course.
  • New ideas to help engage our remote attendees at staff meetings.
  • Ways to possibly streamline our staff meetings a bit more.
  • New ideas on how to utilize the layout of our Infinity software as well as programming it.

A few of the key messages presented in some of the sessions:

  • Commit to solve the identified areas of opportunity.
  • Value an employee’s opinion, but challenge them to think outside of the box.
  • Remember to make the people you interact with feel like they are the most important thing to you at that moment.
  • Create an open and positive environment for your employees.
  • The answers lie in the reports.
  • Be open and truthful no matter how hard it is.
  • Don’t undervalue the time of a programmer.
  • Managers speak to people’s heads and leaders speak to people’s hearts.

Other things we learned on our adventure:

  • Cheryl and I probably shouldn’t travel together
  • Double and triple check your flight information
  • Have a third party check your flight information
  • Go online and  carefully check your flight information
  • Being polite when asking about the occupancy of a table does not always have positive results
  • West Jet employee Pedro is very helpful and considerate
  • Following pedway etiquette is appreciated
  • It’s disappointing when family restaurants close before 7pm in an airport
  • When stuck in an airport, Travelocity can save you!
  • Hotel roller coasters are tons of fun – but not the smoothest ride!
  • To get something for free, just enter: makeitright
  • The view from the Stratosphere is absolutely breathtaking at night!
  • Seeing Motley Crue live has turned me into a much bigger fan :D

 All in all it was a great trip! Thanks to everyone at the conference and of course everyone at the office who covered for us while we were gone!