Personal Responsibility

As we begin a new year I ask myself the question; “Are we on track?”

Our first staff meetings of 2012 focused on personal responsibility and what could each of us do to “Step Up.” Last year we asked “Things would work better if”, and then we compiled great lists of suggestions but did not see any great improvements.

So this year, the new question is “Things would work better if” AND “This is what I am willing to do about it”. Waiting for someone else to take action is lame and unproductive! 

We will keep working on this for 2012.  Maybe forever because changing behavior is a lifetime challenge and I know I have to keep reminding myself!  Easy to expect someone else would do it or fix it, and easy to default to that place.  Easy to hide on the couch under a blanket and wait for someone else to take charge!  Real easy!