Recently myself a a few co-workers were fortunate to take a webinar course called “Infinity 101”.  It was a great learning experience and we all walked away smart beings.  In the webinar were people from the all over the states and as natural as water running down hill, us Canadians (and Canadian transplants) took a few jokes about our dear ‘O Canada’.  

I recall a commercial on television this past winter reminding us Canadians that we have “the most square feet of ‘awesomeness’ per person then other country in the world”.  But thats not all.  Canadians have a lot to be proud of, as do us at Intercon Messaging.  Thus I have re-created the “I AM CANADIAN” speech to reflect the beauty of Intercon Messaging.  For those wonderful and fortunate people involved with Intercon Messaging I hope this brings a smile to your face and a warm turquoise glow to your heart! And all others, may this enlighten you on the beauty of our beloved company! 

I do not sell you things, or ask a million useless questions.

I do not sit in a cubical in a room of 200 people.

I benefit your company and provide a very useful service. 

I have a great team of co-workers that ARE a lot of fun.

I speak oilfield terminology fluently and understand any abbreviated word.

I do verify a callback number with you and it is for the benefit of everyone.

I proudly wear a headset.

I believe in personal growth not digression.

Coaching and training not blame and scolding.

And that Tim Hortons coffee can save the day.

I understand check in times are our busy times and it is possible to listen to a 2-way radio and a caller.

It is pronounced Brazeau not Brozeau: BRAZEAU!

Intercon Messaging is a Cam X Diamond Award winning company for 10 consecutive years and the Award of Distinction for exceptional emergency service for 8 years.

My name is Paige and I AM INTERCON MESSAGING!!