Life Lessons

As employees in the emergency response field, we are reminded daily of how fragile life can be. I am grateful for this, as it supports us to live our biggest lives. When your career is constantly reminding you that everyday could be your last or a close friend or relatives last, it only fuels the desire to live your life to the fullest.

Intercon Messaging as a company is committed to fueling our aspirations as well. With educational opportunities always available to employees whether they are in the telecommunications field or for emotional intelligence, Intercon would never deny an employee the opportunity to better themselves, professionally or personally.

Through the many traumatic situations I have been faced with through my career, one of the most valuable lessons I personally have learned is take pleasure in the simple things and always make time to spend with those you love. I have grown in my relationships with my family in large part to my career. When I was having difficulty communicating with my family, Intercon Messaging gave me the great pleasure of attending a seminar called 21st Century Leadership by Extraordinary Learning, and my life has not been the same since. My eyes were opened in a way they never had been before, and I have been grateful everyday Intercon gave me that opportunity.  

How many people can say that about their work environment? Not all that’s for sure! That’s just one reason why Intercon Messaging stands above the rest!