Get On The Road

Thank you to Bobby Ng!  Last night in Edmonton we roasted Bobby Ng.  Bobby immigrated to Canada in the 70’s with his young family.  He left his celebrity life in the Philippines and came to Canada, ready to start over.  He achieved a celebrity life in Edmonton as a radio host on CHQT 880.  In his recent past he invested his time in us.  He passionately hosted and facilitated The Excellence Series:  “In Pursuit of Excellence”, “The Wall” and “The Advancement of Excellence”.  Upon completion of that series he hosted an introductory session for 21st Century Leadership to educate and enroll participants who wanted to continue their journey of personal and professional development.

In 1991 Bobby married my sister Mary Lou and they have a son Brent.  Bobby’s older boys, Ron and Chris are wonderful big brothers for Brent.

Back to the roast…Bobby is facing health challenges, so he invited 50 people to attend his roast. Anybody who wanted, had an opportunity to speak.  Those of us who had the privilege of attending and participating in the roast had an opportunity to share how he’d made a difference in our lives.

Some life lessons I identified during the experience of clarifying my thoughts while preparing to speak at Bobby’s roast were: 

  1. Even if you think you verbalized a thank you, repeat it.
  2. Send a written thank you.
  3. Not asking is saying no for the other person without educating them; Bobby asked me several times over a 5 year window of time to attend 21st Century Leadership (I finally went in September 2002 and have been 3 more times since; yes Doreen; I am a slow learner!).
  4. Lifelong learning is not optional unless you want to become obsolete or are ok with becoming one of the people that the world says, “Oh, he’s dead he just hasn’t fallen over yet”.
  5. What I don't know about myself is what is holding me back; The Excellence Series and 21st Century Leadership are great ways to uncover some of the things I do not know about myself.
  6. Personal and professional development is a journey that never ends. Get on the road; it's a worthwhile trip!

Several of the Intercon Messaging crew enjoyed participating in The Excellence series and 21stCentury Leadership.  Collectively the crew at Intercon Messaging thanks Bobby for his passion and dedication in helping us on our personal and professional development journeys.