Welcome to Intercon!

Well, it has been a little while since our last blog, but, no news is good news right?!

Intercon has been undergoing some extremely exciting changes over the last month after purchasing another Telephone Answering Service from a neighboring community. This marks Intercon’s 7rd professional “take over” in our 15 years of service!  

We all feel blessed to work for such a motivated and focused employer. Changing with the times is a necessity in the business world and Pat has been an excellent mentor on how to grow and expand with grace, dignity and integrity.

All of the Telephone Answer Services Intercon has purchased have been within Alberta, allowing employee’s at Intercon to travel to our new clients and familiarize ourselves with their procedures and service areas. In fact between the 7 businesses we have travelled all over our beautiful province and been given the opportunity to build professional relationships with over 400 exceptional companies.

This latest expansion has been a great learning opportunity for all staff involved.  When a senior Intercon agent went on maternity leave in August staff knew they would have to pull up their socks to maintain a superior level of customer service, and the team has definitely risen to the occasion. Between a team of 12 ladies, we transferred 70 clients into our Telephone Answering Service system in 14 days. Not bad, when the standard “take over” time frame is set at 90 days!

The whole team is looking forward to building great relationships with all of our new companies!